Since the audio should be around 8 minutes long, I have been reflecting on the idea of creating some sort of drama that is engaging throughout. With the previous classes, this has allowed me to think about how I can ensure engagement of my 8 minute sound, I have come to the conclusion having two speakers will allow a better engagement.

The idea:

A drama about two different people and their journeys fleeing Syria.

The drama will be based on true stories that I will research and collect, and the drama will be a monologue that the ‘refugee’ will be recounting their experience and journey. A man will talk about his journey from Syria through Calais to the UK and the woman will talk about her journey from Syria through Turkey to the UK. My idea is to merge their stories with sounds that reflects their experiences that they will describe. I will be using both diegetic and non-diejetic sounds.

I was also thinking because of many stories of refugees being separated then reunited, I felt this would add a positive ending to the story and also something surprising to the end the drama.

Because audio sounds have no visuals to accompany it and even today it can be difficult to hold someones attention even with video for the duration of 8-10 mins creating suspense will be key to my audio. Because the stories will be starting with tension, the suspense of “what happens next” will always be there.

Studio will be used to record the vocals and some sounds and outside to record accompanying sounds.


In short:

The drama tells a personal and emotional story of two people having to leave their home in search of safety. Having to leave everything behind, will they ever find what they are looking for, their lost loved ones?

Story line:

Them describing when and why they are leaving their country…

Getting to know about their past life – the good life they had before…

Story of how they escaped and losing their loved ones and family…

Story of finding safety, applying to the UK and all the delays…

Plot twist: The two people who have been speaking are in fact related and went on two different journeys to finally meet in the UK.


Sound Ideas

  • Leaving –  looking out the window of his car at what is left of Syria

Sounds: Car driving, sound of radio, sighing,

  • Getting to the border and having to sneak over at night

Sounds: Crickets, people whispering, breathing heavily,

  • Arriving to Turkey, exchanging of money and papers to

Sounds: papers rustling, people saying no, phone calls, phones beeping,

  • Getting a boat to Calais

Sounds: Waves, babies crying, torch light clicks, rubber, people shushing,

  • Arriving to calais and everyone jumping off the boats with happiness

Sounds: laughter, waves, pebbles walking, tinfoil, crying,

  • Hiding in a lorry to cross into the UK

Sounds: keys, engine starting, whispering, uk check point, doors opening,




Links to audio stories:


Sound inspiration:

The Uprising.

The uprising although a visual essay, the sounds used and the way it is used is simply captivating and engaging.

I love the use of merging the sounds together and using space between them in a way that does not sound disjointed.